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Volume 27 (1990)

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    27:1 (Winter, 1990)

Introduction: Theology in a Pluralistic Setting: Report on Adolescent Pregnancy
    by Ellen T. Charry and Annette Brownlee 1
Children Bearing Children: The Crisis of Premature Pregnancy
    by Bruce Chilton 8
Religious Communities and Youth
    by Ellen T. Charry 10
Experiential Findings
    by John T. Ford 15
Protestant Position Paper
    by John Jefferson Davis 28
Roman Catholic Position Paper
    by John T. Ford 30
Jewish Position Paper
    by Gordon Tucker 34
Orthodox Position Paper
    by George C. Papademetriou 37
Protestant Deliberations
    by Bruce Chilton 42
Addendum to Protestant Report
    by Thomas Mikelson 50
Roman Catholic Deliberations
    by Jerome Bracken 51
A Roman Catholic Case Study
    by Jerome Bracken 60
Jewish Deliberations
    by Michael A. Signer 66
An Orthodox Case Study
    by George C. Papademetriou 68
Protestant Response
    by Bruce Chilton 70
Protestant Response
    by James A. Carpenter 75
Roman Catholic Response
    by William Werpehowski 77
Roman Catholic Response
    by Lucien Richard 83
A Jewish Response
    by Michael A. Signer 89
An Orthodox Response
    by George C. Papademetriou 91
    by Bruce Chilton 93
    by Ellen T. Charry 95
Baby Dedication in Traditional Christianity: Eastern Orthodox "Churching" of Forty-Day-Olds
    by Ron Grove 101

    27:2 (Spring, 1990)

Protestant Hopes for the Twentieth Century
    by Paul Bock 237
Commentary on ARC/USA Statement on Anglican Orders
    by R. William Franklin and George H. Tavard 261
Jesus and Jeremiah in the Matthean Tradition
    by David J. Zucker 288
Christ and Buddha
    by Seiichi Yagi 306
Supersessionism, Engraftment, and Jewish-Christian Dialogue: Reflections on the Pres    byterian Statement on Jewish-Christian Relations
    by Robert R. Hann 327

    27:3 (Summer, 1990)

One Covenant or Many Covenants? Toward a Theology of Christian-Jewish Relations
    by Gavin D'Costa 441
Faith and Ethics after the Holocaust: What Christians Can Learn from the Jewish Narrative Tradition of Hutzpah
    by Darrell J. Fasching 453
The Inner Ground of Christian Theology: Church, Faith, and Sectarianism
    by David Wayne Layman 480
The Ecclesiology of KoinÇnia and Baptism: A Pentecostal Perspective
    by Cecil M. Robeck, Jr. , and Jerry L. Sandidge 504
Heeding the Early Congar Today, and Two Recent Roman Catholic Issues: Seeking Hope on the Road Back
    by Richard J. Beauchesne 535

    27:4 (Fall, 1990)

Luther's Critique of the Ecumenical Assumption that Doctrine Divides but Service Unites
    by Carter Lindberg 679
Philip Schaff: An Ecumenical Pioneer
    by John C. Meyer 697
Anglican Comprehensiveness and the Pluralism of David Tracy
    by Pierre Welté Whalon 708
The Opening of the American Mind: A Fresh Look at Cults of Persecution
    by Lowell D. Streiker 731
Epistemological Tolerance: A Step toward Christian Unity?
    by Myroslaw Tataryn 753


Orthodox-Catholic Unity and the Revised Code of Eastern Canon Law
    by Patrick Viscuso 108
Some Reflections on Robert Hann's Critique of the Pres    byterian Statement on Jewish-Christian Relations
    by William P. Anderson 343
A Reply to Reviews     by Chernick and Levine of Sigal's The Halakhah of Jesus of Nazareth according to the Gospel of Matthew
    by Harvey Falk 347
Chernick Reply to Harvey Falk and Leonard Swidler
    by Michael Chernick 355
Levine Reply to Harvey Falk and Leonard Swidler
    by Amy-Jill Levine 360
    by Miriam Nathan 364
Christian Identity in Ecumenical Perspective: A Response to David Wayne Layman
    by James William McClendon, Jr. , and John Howard Yoder 561
Noahide Laws, Christian Covenants, and Jewish Expectations
    by G. David Schwartz 767
Evangelical Catholicity and Baptist Ecumenicity: A Response to "Christian Identity in Ecumenical Perspective"
    by David Wayne Layman 773
A Response to an Antisemitic Incident
    by Eugene J. Fisher 781

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