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Volume 34 (1997)

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    34:1 (Winter, 1997)

Anglican-Lutheran Convergence and the Anticipation of Full Communion
    by Günther Gassmann     1
"Holiness unto the Lord": Toward a Holiness Christian Dialogue with Judaism
    by Dale T. Irvin     13
Theological Anthropology: Toward Integrating Theosis and Justification by Faith
    by Paul R. Hinlicky     38
The Interspiritual Age: Practical Mysticism for the Third Millennium
    by Wayne Teasdale     74
Transformations of "Emptiness": On the Idea of Ðãnyat~ and the Thought of Abe and the Kyoto School of Philosophy
    by Gregory K. Ornatowski     92

    34:2 (Spring, 1997)

The Hermeneutic Center
    by Klaus K. Klostermaier     159
Halting a Succession of Evil
    by Franklin H. Littell     171
Uñhorod, Balamand, and Beyond: A ?Uniate@ Looks to the Millennium
    by John S. Custer     190
Reflections on the Filioque
    by Ralph Del Colle     202
The Holocaust: Reflections of a Muslim
    by Sanaullah Kirmani     218
The Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington
    by James A. Wiseman     223

    34:3 (Summer, 1997)
    The Rabbi Marc H. Tanenbaum Foundation Special Issue

Introduction: Interreligious DialogueCStretching the Boundaries
    by Georgette F. Bennett and Judith H. Banki     317
In Recognition of Two Great Persons
    by Rose Thering     319
Jewish-Christian Relations: Focus on the Future
    by Edward H. Flannery     322
The Unfinished Agenda of Jewish-Christian Dialogue
    by Shaye J. D. Cohen     326
The Conversation Not Yet Begun
    by Paul M. van Buren     330
Authenticity without Demonization: Introduction to the Presentation by the Abrahamic Accord
    by Mary C. Boys     334
Demonization and Polemics
    by Anthony J. Saldarini     335
Authenticity without Demonization
    by Paul M. van Buren     341
Authenticity without Demonization
    by Neil Gillman     346
Authenticity, Not Demonization: An Education for Paradox
    by Mary C. Boys     350
The Church and the Jews: Issues Resolved since Vatican II and Issues Remaining
    by Judith H. Banki     356
The Next Issues in Jewish-Catholic Relations
    by Edward Idris Cardinal Cassidy     362
Visions for the Future: Catholic-Jewish Relations Worldwide
    by Mark L. Winer     369
Crossing the Threshold of Catholic-Jewish Relations
    by Alexander J. Brunett     377
Seeking the Religious Roots of Pluralism, Introductory Remarks
    by David L. Phillips     384
    by Ari Goldman     385
Seeking the Religious Roots of Pluralism
    by Irving Greenberg     385
    by Robert Thurman     394
    by Hyun Kyung Chung     399
Seeking the Religious Roots of Pluralism in the United States of America: An American Muslim Perspective
    by Sulayman S. Nyang     402
Response to "Seeking the Religious Roots of Pluralism"
    by Martin E. Marty     418
Concluding Remarks of Participants    422
Covenantal Pluralism
    by Irving Greenberg     425
Creation and the Image of God: Their Understanding in Christian Tradition and the Biblical Grounds
    by Michael Welker     436
Politics and Faith: Tensions of Living in Two Worlds (Tanenbaum Memorial Lecture, April 20, 1994)
    by Rudolph W. Giuliani     449
Remarks upon Receipt of the 1996 Rabbi Marc H. Tanenbaum Award
    by Krister Stendahl     455
Religion and World Peace: A Muslim's View (Tanenbaum Memorial Lecture, April 18, 1996)
    by Jehan Sadat     456
The Consequences of Interreligious Hatred: The Case of Bosnia and Its Lessons for World Peace (Rabbi Marc H. Tanenbaum Memorial Lecture, May 14, 1997)
    by Haris Silajdzic     460

    34:4 (Fall, 1997)

John 8:39-47: Children of Abraham or of the Devil?
    by Richard A. Bondi     473
Wolfhart Pannenberg's Response to the Challenge of Religious Pluralism: The Anticipation of Divine Absoluteness?
    by Steffen Lösel     499
Beyond Walls, Fences, and Interreligious Dialogue
    by Harry M. Buck     521
A Swidlerian and Jain Prolegomenon to Dialogue
    by John Sahadat     531
Description of the ?Guidelines for Interfaith Celebrations@
    by Patrice Brodeur     551


In Quest of the Religious Sources of Toleration in the Academy
    by Jacob Neusner     115

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