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Volume 36 (1999)

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    36:1-2 (Winter-Spring, 1999)

    Special Issue on Pluralism, Proselytism, and Nationalism in Eastern Europe

     by John Witte, Jr.     1
Religious Topography of Eastern Europe
     by Paul Mojzes     7
New Myths for Old: Proselytism and Transition in Post-Communist Europe
     by Jonathan Luxmoore and Jolanta Babiuch-Luxmoore     43
Faith and (In)tolerance of Minority Religions: A Comparative Analysis of Romania, Ukraine, and Poland
     by Julie Mertus and Kathryn Minyard Fros t    65
The Proselytizing Nature of Marxism-Leninism
     by Radmila Radiƒ     80
Proselytism in Poland
     by Halina Grzyma»a-Moszczynska     94
Slovak Churches and Proselytism
     by Magdalena Forgac ova and Paul R. Hinlicky     116
Mission and Proselytizing: The Hungarian Case
     by Tamás Földesi     141
Evangelism, Proselytism, and Religious Freedom in Romania: An Orthodox Point of View
     by Ion Bria    163
Ecumenism, Religious Freedom, and the "National Church" Controversy in Romania
     by Earl A. Pope     184
Proselytism in Post-Socialist Slovenia
     by Marjan Smrke     202
Proselytism in the Successor States of the Former Yugoslavia
     by Paul Mojzes     221
Religious Freedom in Bulgaria
     by Emil Cohen and Krassimir Kanev     243
New Competitors for Hegemony: Western Ëvangelicals and the Rebuilding of Albanian Civil Society
     by Linford Stutzman     264

    36:3-4 (Summer-Fall, 1999)

Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf: An Ecumenical Pioneer
     by Arthur Freeman     287
Newman's Treatment of Luther in the Lectures on Justification
     by John F. Perry     303
William Temple, Pius XII, Ecumenism, Natural Law, and the Post-War Peace
     by Dianne Kirby     318
Revisioning Christian Theology in Light of Emmanuel Levinas's Ethics of Responsibility
     by Marie L. Baird     340
Roman Catholic-Quaker Dialogue
     by Jay Wesley Worrall IV     352
"And the Stones Shall Cry Out": Native American Identity in the Lawrence Indian United Methodist Church
     by Leonard David Ortiz     363
Evangelical Christianity and the Philosophy of Interreligious Dialogue
     by Michael S. Jones     378

Advaita Vedanta and Christian Faith
     by Bradley Malkovsky     397
Islam and the Other: The Ïdeal Vision of Mawlana Wahiduddin Khan
     by Irfan A. Omar     423
Pulchra ut Luna: Some Reflections on the Marian Theme in Muslim-Catholic Dialogue
     by Tim Winter     439
A Rejection of Spiritual Imperialism: Reflections of Buber's Letter to Gandhi
     by Haim Gordon     470


"Christians and Jews": A Declaration of the Lutheran Church of Bavaria
     tr. Franklin H. Littell     480
Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding: A Report on Belfast, Northern Ireland
     by Georgette F. Bennett     485

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