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Volume 42 (2007)

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42:1 (Winter, 2007)

“Fundamentalism: Race, Truth, and Democracy in a Global World”



                        by john a. powell, Ming Shi Trammel, and Daniel Newhart 1

            The Authors    5

            Fundamentalisms and American Pluralism

                        by Paul Numrich         9

            What Is Fundamentalism, and How Do We Get Rid of It?

                        by Mark LeVine          15

            Jews and Fundamentalism

                        by Samuel Heilman     29

            Religion, Welfare Politics, and Church-State Separation

                        by Daniel L. Chen and Jo Thori Lind 42

            The God Strategy: The Rise of Religious Politics in America

                        by David Domke and Kevin M. Coe   53

            Machiavelli Meets the Religious Right: Michael Ledeen, the Neoconservatives, and the

            Political Uses of Fundamentalism

                        by Hugh B. Urban       76

            Gods: Toward a Contemporary Discourse on Religion and Democracy

                        by Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou       98


42:2 (Spring, 2007)


            Beyond Word and Sacrament: A Reformed Protestant Engagement of Guadalupan Devotion

                        by Rubén Rosario Rodrígues   173

            Catholic Identity and Antisemitism in a Eulogy for Isabel “the Catholic”

                        by John M. McManamon        196

            The Requirements and Challenges of Full Communion: A Multilateral Evaluation?

                        by Jeffrey Gros 217

            The Santal Sacred Grove and Catholic Inculturation

                        by Selva J. Raj  243

            Ecumenical Marriage as Leaven for Christian Unity

                        by Jason E. King          253

            1054 Revisited

                        by Charles Frazee        263


42:3 (Summer, 2007)

“A Global Ethic”


            A Global Ethic: An Introduction

                        by Leonard Swidler     333                             

            The Authors    334

            Toward a Universal Declaration of a Global Ethic

                        by Leonard Swidler     337

            Enlightenment and Tradition: The Clash within Civilizations

                        by Samuel Fleischacker            351

            In Search of a Morally Acceptable Nationalism

                        by Elias Baumgarten    355

            Creating an Ethical Context for Globalization: Catholic Perspectives in an Interreligious


                        by John T. Pawlikowski           363

            Common Ground and Common Skies: Natural Law and Ecological Responsibility

                        by William French      373

            Celebrating Pluralism and Dialogue: Qur’anic Perspectives

                        by Asma Afsaruddin    389

            Shared Values in Communal Life: Provisional Skepticism and the Prospect of a Global Ethic

                        by Scott R. Paeth         407

            Whither Global Ethics? Moral Consciousness and Global Cultural Flows

                        by William Schweiker 425

            A Global Ethic for the Global Village

                        by Ingrid H. Shafer     440


42:4 (Fall, 2007)


            Preface to This Issue

                        by Julia Sheetz-Willard            491

            Contributors to This Issue       492

            Introduction to Presentations from Oberlin II

                        by Ann K. Riggs          497     

            The Legacy of This Place: Oberlin, Ohio

                        by Barbara Brown Zikmund    499

            The Ecumenical Significance of Oberlin

                        by Donald W. Dayton 511

            Orthodoxy, Postmodernity, and Ecumenism: The Difference that Divine-Human

            Communion Makes

                        by Aristotle Papanikolaou       527     

            Is There a Home for the Bible in the Postmodern World?

                        by Jione Havea            547

            Faith and Order in a Postmodern World: A Response

                        by Michael Root          560

            Introduction to Presentations to the North American Academy of Ecumenists

                        by Joseph A. Loya        571

            Forgiveness and the Healing of Memories: An Anabaptist-Mennonite Perspective

                        by John D. Roth          573

            The Priority of Unity in the Mystery of the Church

                        by James Massa            589

            Eating and Drinking Judgment: The Sacrament of Unity as a Sign and Source of


                        by Paul A. Schreck      608

            The Complexities of Eucharistic Sharing in Homes for the Aged: A Study in  Pastoral


                        by Sherri Vallee           619




            A Response to William D. Rubinstein

                        by Raphael Medoff and Racelle W. Weiman 107

            Response to Special Wyman Issue

                        by Stephen Solarz        109

            Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue Seen through an Emancipatory Theory

                        by Gideon Goosen      280

            Nexus: Religion in the Public University

                        by Stacy Keogh            286

            Covenantal Pluralism and Saul of Tarsus: A Review Article

                        by Thomas A. Idinopulos        454

            On the Divine Plan and the Human Role in Development of Religions: A Response

            to Tom Idinopulos

                        by Irving Greenberg    458


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ECUMENICAL EVENTS       118–121, 463–468

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